we are currently not taking any new resin orders. but we will continue to cast and ship orders placed prior to March. 

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A cold day in hell

28mm miniatures and bits dressed for winter

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 Reptilian Overlords 


Welcome to the Reptilian Overlords Repstarter! 

Repstarter is a preorder system set up to work just like a crowdfunding campaign. You can research and order upcoming releases, track progress, and join the community to help us reach stretch goals that will unlock free extras.

New Sets

Vent Troopers are heavy shock troops trained to fight in the most hostile environments. The standard armament for the vent trooper is the long barrel FG laser, a versitile weapon system can be easily modified to suite any mission condition. These weapons can be fitted with a variety of scopes and peripheral devices increasing the threat level of a trooper at long range and in close quarters. When facing heavily armored foes vent troopers can increase the rifle's penetration with an auxiliary power pack. You can field Vent Troopers with a variety of head and arm options which makes it easy to incorporate them into your existing army's theme or you can build an entire platoon and field them on their own.

Support Weapon platforms are manned by weapons teams and include a variety of options so you can configure them to suit your needs. Fit them with magnets and you're ready for anything!

New Raumsturmers! You asked for more variants and we are happy to provide them. Instead of providing sprues with assorted heads, each sprue now has the same type of head. When you are building your squad you can opt to have two of the same sprue or different sprues.

More Heretics! While the campaign is running I'll be working on the latest heretic kit, Corrupted Heretics. You can include these in your pledge when you're building your squad and if we come out with a variant that you like more then let us know and we can edit your order for you.

vent troop sample_edited.png

Sample Vent Troopers created using various Reptilian Overlords heads


Vent Trooper equiped with an infrared sight and auxiliary powercell

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corrupted heretic heads.jpg

New Corrupted Heretic Heads

Corrupted Heretic WIP

Making pledges

When you're ready to place an order click on the link and you'll be taken to that pledge's product page. Enter your choices into each text field and select any additional options you want to include and then check out or keep shopping! There's no need for additional surveys or backer kits.

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Stretch Goals

Our target for this campaign is $6,000 but once we hit $10k I'll be able to give out free rewards to customers with Detachments and Platoons!

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Shipping and Fulfillment

For US customers all of these pledges include free shipping. International customers can get free shipping on your order when you spend $100 or more. 

As soon as the campaign finishes I'll begin making production molds. Most of the masters have already been printed and molded. The only products that haven't been printed yet are the support weapons, corrupted heretic kit, new spacenaz rifles, and stretch goals. This stage can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on how many orders we receive. Currently space and equipment allows me to cast about $1,000 worth of products per day. If the campaign exceed $20,000 you can estimate about 1 month per $20,000 worth of orders. I'll keep you updated on the molding casting progress as we go so you'll have a good idea when to expect your order. 

Thank you for joining us!

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